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I am writing to you as my MP to ask if you would support a Public Inquiry into Past Adoption Practice.

Along with many others I have been deeply affected by the injustice to both birth mothers and their children. This issue is not new and has been brought to everyone’s attention by the publicity in the press, TV and Radio following the making of  the  ITV programme ‘Britain’s Adoption Scandal – ‘Breaking the Silence’ which aired on Wednesday November 9th.

A formal letter has been delivered by law firm Bhatt Murphy  to The Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP with evidence statements from those affected asking her to consider a Public Inquiry into Past Adoption Practice.

Please agree to support a public inquiry which would help the thousands of women who lost their children to adoption and will reveal that what happened was unethical and in many cases without informed consent.

Yours sincerely




November 2016

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