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25 April, 2023 – Welsh government issues Formal Apology

Today the Welsh government issued a formal Apology for historic adoption practices.
Some of those affected by these practices were present to witness the Statement.

Today in the Guardian – UK government under pressure to formally apologise for forced adoption.
Campaigners call for the UK government to follow suit for England.

22 March, 2023 – Scotland’s Formal Apology

Nicola Sturgeon – the outgoing Scottish First Minister, has issued a heartfelt apology to all those affected by historical adoption practices.

You can find more details and a video link on the MAA Scotland page.

Congratulations to all our Scottish colleagues who have campaigned tirelessly to achieve this result. Well done!

What will it take for Westminster to do the same?

Interview with Duncan Kennedy at: 13:00
Gill’s interview can be found at at 1:49:58

Mother’s Day March 2023

MAA Statement for Mother’s Day and why we need an Apology.

Update – Friday 3rd March, 2023

We have waited a long time for a government response to the JCHR report. Today, very quietly, the government has issued their response which is muted and pointedly does not include even the possibility of a formal apology. It is a resoundingly bitter disappointment which ignores evidence given by those affected, and by experts who provided extensive research to support the issues raised.

The Joint Committee for Human Rights has expressed their disappointment while noting that the government does acknowledge some of the many ways the mothers and their children were wronged and traumatised. Read their response here.

Those affected have endured many cruelties which under any other circumstances would be considered inhumane. Yet somehow this government is able to sidestep compassion and overlook all that has been shown to have been done to hundreds of thousands of women and their children.

Our initial response is in the form of a short MAA Statement to the UK Government expressing our views. There will be a lengthier response in due course.

This is far from over.

Publication of the JCHR Report

The report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights has been published today, Friday 15th July.
Titled “The Violation of Family Life: Adoption of Children of Unmarried Women 1949-1976” it is a strongly worded report that outlines the issues very clearly and shows the level of injustice suffered by the mothers and children affected and includes moving accounts and evidence submitted to the Committee.

The full document is available here:
The Violation of Family Life: Adoption of Children of Unmarried Women 1949-1976 (parliament.uk)
There is a great deal of coverage on News channels today.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the Committee for their compassion and commitment to this issue.