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BBC Documentary – September 2022

Interview with Pat, Judy, Liz and Veronica, whose lives have been deeply affected by these issues.
The piece starts at 07:40:

The Listening Project

The Listening project – Interview with Veronica (80) and Eve (18), who were both unmarried when they became pregnant.
They compare their experiences and the contrast between Veronica’s traumatic experiences in the 1960s
and Eve’s much more recent challenges and the support she received. Starts at 07:30mins.

Documentary: If You Love Your Baby…
The Fight for an Apology for Forced Adoptions.

JCHR Report – 15th July, 2022

Media coverage

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The Today Programme
BBC Radio 4
BBC Breakfast:
Calls for the Government to formally apologise for forced Adoptions
Channel 5 News
Cathy Newman – Times Radio
Interview with Veronica Smith
on BBC Radio Sussex
A call by a parliamentary committee for an apology to women forced to give up their babies for adoption is “empowering” to those impacted, STV News has heard.
It follows an inquiry which concluded that hundreds of thousands of unmarried women in the UK were “shamed” and “coerced” into giving up their babies in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
Across Scotland, it has been estimated that around 250,000 families were affected by the historical practice.

Jill Killington – press interviews

Jill Killington, 72, lives in Leeds with her husband, Richard, 76.
A retired university administrator, she was forced to give up her first baby, a boy, for adoption in 1968. She has two other children, a son and daughter aged 47 and 46.
The TelegraphClick here to read full article.

A single mother at 16, I was forced by my parents to give up my baby for adoption.
When I found out I was pregnant at the age of 16, I was shocked.
It was 1967 and I had been in a steady relationship with my 17-year-old boyfriend for six months by that point.
When I told him, he was actually excited.
Metro.co.ukClick here to read the full article.

Sky News


In the Papers:

The Guardian – Victims of historic forced adoption deserve apology

The Telegraph – 185,000 victims of forced adoption deserve apology

Shropshire Star – Government should apologise to unmarried mothers railroaded into adoptions

Top Wire News – UK owes an apology for the grave wrongs of forced adoptions

Express and Star – Government should apologise to unmarried mothers railroaded into adoptions

The Argus – Government should apologise to unmarried mothers railroaded into adoptions