Scotland’s Formal Apology

On 22 March, 2023, Scotland’s outgoing First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, apologised to all those affected by historic forced adoption practices in Scotland. We are so happy for Scotland on this momentous occasion. Here are some media pieces and articles on Scotland’s Formal Apology for Historic Forced Adoptions: Continue reading Scotland’s Formal Apology

MAA Statement for Mother’s Day

Why an Apology Matters This statement is part of a longer Webinar organised by the Adult Adoptee Movement, a group of UK adoptees who are striving to challenge attitudes to and the narrative on adoption. Thank you, AAM, for inviting us to take part in this event. Continue reading MAA Statement for Mother’s Day

Our Children’s Voices

For so long we have been campaigning to be heard, after having no voice and no choice and being shamed about having a child “out of wedlock” which would then be taken from us, sometimes just a few days after they were born. Our children have also had no voice, no choice and no say in the matter of their family, their life experience, or … Continue reading Our Children’s Voices

MAA Update December 2022

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a Government response to the Inquiry which was completed on 15th July. However ……………. On Monday 28th November an exhibition was held for 4 days in the House of Commons – Record of a visit by 4 mothers to see the Exhibition  Text from the Exhibition Survival Without Roots: Memoir of an Adopted Englishwoman:One: Anderson, Anna: 9781739888305: … Continue reading MAA Update December 2022