MAA statement to the UK Government

3 March, 2023

Statement by MAA – Movement for an Adoption Apology

After a five-month delay, we are appalled at the dismissive “response” from the UK Government to the JCHR Parliamentary Inquiry and report. That report, titled “The Violation of Family Life”, called for significant change and for the government to issue a formal apology to all those whose lives had been blighted by the awful treatment received, often at the hands of those who should have known better. Mothers were treated with such cruelty and callous disregard that many could not conceive again and remain traumatised decades later.

The UK Government response is little more than a longer form version of the standard statement we’ve received year after year, which amounts to:

“We are sorry that happened to you.
It wasn’t anything to do with us.
Things are better now.”

Such a response is an insult to those who laid their lives and their pain bare in order to raise awareness. It simply isn’t good enough. We have spent years being told to be quiet, remain silent, not make a fuss. What happened to us was appalling and what was inflicted on our children is beyond belief, yet we are being told that there are no resources to provide support, no funds to help those who are living with trauma and no inclination to take this matter seriously.

Enough is enough. We will not be silenced any longer, we will not be bullied by this or any government that believes we can be appeased by such a pathetic response.

Both we and our children have been shown to have been the victims of a terrible injustice, at the hands of the state, the medical profession, social services and other professional state-run bodies who were charged with our care.

We stand with our children and raise our voices to demand a proper response, a formal apology and remedy for our ongoing pain and trauma. We will not rest and shall continue to campaign for recognition, change and justice for all affected.

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