BBC Documentary – If you love your Baby

On Tuesday 25th May, 2021, a letter from the Movement for an Adoption Apology (MAA) was delivered by David Amess MP to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister asking for an apology for historical adoption practices.

A news item on this letter and our campaign was broadcast on the BBC1 Evening News at 6pm by Duncan Kennedy, a BBC journalist.  Another piece by Duncan Kennedy which covered the experiences of adopted adults, aired on Wednesday 26th May, on the BBC News Channel 

Since February 2021, Duncan has interviewed  a number of birth mothers and adopted adults. His documentary about their experiences aired on the BBC News Channel on Saturday 29th May 2021, and is available on BBC iPlayer.

The Duncan Kennedy documentary about adoptions aired on BBC News Channel at and 8.30pm on Saturday 29th May, and again at 4.30pm on Sunday 30th May. The full 30 minute version is available on BBC iPlayer.
A shorter version of that documentary can be viewed below:

We have been in touch with Duncan for a number of years and value his determination to make our issue public.
He was in Australia when the Prime Minister at the time, Julia Gillard, apologised. He made a documentary about the events there. Transcript BBC News Pain of Australia Forced Adoption Policy.pdf (

Despite letters to MPs, a Debate in Parliament in 2018 and various other signs of progress here, it has been very difficult to get a response from Parliament.

However, less than a week after the Duncan Kennedy reports on BBC News, Harriet Harman MP Chair of The Joint Committee on Human Rights agreed to look into the matter of Forced Adoptions.

An Early Day Motion has already been tabled: 
Apology for Forced Adoption – Early Day Motions – UK Parliament
Please write to your MP requesting that they give it their full support and sign it.