Lobby of Parliament on July 3, 2012

John Leech MP and The Movement for an Adoption Apology have called a public meeting with MPs in the House of Commons at 3pm on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012.

The public can attend and press their views on the terrible suffering caused to mothers and children alike by the systematic maltreatment of unmarried mothers in the 1950s, 60s and 70s that was designed to coerce women into giving up their babies to the adoption market.

The meeting is also designed to encourage MPs to sign Early Day Motion 92 (see below).

Venue: Room E at 7 Milbank (map) That’s about a 10 minute walk from Westminster Tube station, heading south along the river, or on the N3 bus route.

If you require disability / wheelchair access, you should use the back entrance of the 7 Milbank building located at 10 Smith Square. On approaching 10 Smith Square you should see a small ramp that leads to some double doors into the building. A camera will be able to see you trying to get in and the doors should open. Once you’re inside and through security someone will be able to show you to Room E. (map)

A letter to your MP

A draft letter that you could use to encourage your local MP to attend.

Early Day Motion 92

Click here of the text of the motion and the latest details of MPs who have signed. (It can take several days before a signature is officially recorded.)