We want your stories

A Message to all Birth Mothers

The Committee of the Movement for an Adoption Apology invites you to send them an account of your experience if you were a birth mother coerced into giving your baby for adoption.

We have received a great deal of evidence over the last 20 or more years from mothers who gave their babies for adoption under duress and pressure. We now want to collect actual birth mothers’ stories to present to parliament in support of our case for an Apology.

If you or someone you know was in a Mother and Baby Home, and felt you, or they, had no choice but to let your baby go to an adoptive couple please would you help us and all other mothers by telling us your story. If you were not in a Mother and Baby home but were still persuaded to give your baby away we still want to know your story.

Please, if you can, tell us about the Mother and Baby Home you were in; Were you given information about benefits and housing available at the time ? Did you feel you had no choice and that the best outcome for your baby was to let her or him go? Did anyone support you and tell you that there were other options?

Please write to us in confidence at MAANPN@gmail.com and give us as much information as you can, especially the name and address of your Mother and Baby home and the dates you were there. If you know a birth mother who suffered this experience please can you help her to submit her evidence?

Please let us know if you would be willing for this information, or extracts from it, to be shared on our website with or without your name.

We thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

The MAA Committee