MAA Update November 2022

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a Government response to the Inquiry which was completed on 15th July. However …………….

1    An exhibition about forced adoption is going to be mounted in the Houses of Parliament for a week commencing 28th November.  It will consist of eight small banners, with an intro from Harriet Harman MP and with words taken from the JCHR report, and will be located along the committee corridor, which apparently has a fair amount of footfall – committee members, MPs and the public.   Anyone can get in to see it, queuing at the public entrance to gain entry to the building and then following directions to the committee corridor – security is tight but the public are still welcome.  Opening hours are 9-5, weekdays only and there’s no need to book, even for a group.

 We are planning to go as a group on Monday 28th November and Duncan Kennedy BBC Journalist is hoping to film us. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send details of where to meet.

2    3 mothers and an adopted adult have been interviewed by Saga Magazine for their January issue.

3    Alison Steadman has been approached to ask her to be our Patron – She recently found out in her 70’s that her father had been adopted when she appeared in a TV programme about DNA.

4    Gaynor Cherieann Author – Author website to promote my new book (

‘Born in the 1960s in a mother and baby home to a sixteen-year-old girl who was shunned by society and made to give her baby away.

Adopted by an opinionated couple who were constantly critical and religious hypocrites.

Follow Gaynor’s journey through the letters she has written to everyone who shared her unique story from birth, growing up, getting married, becoming a mum, being reunited with her birth family to finding peace and enjoying being a grandma.’

We are still hopeful of getting an apology for mothers and children affected by adoption and for the Government to act on the recommendations of the Inquiry.