MAA Update December 2022

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a Government response to the Inquiry which was completed on 15th July. However …………….

On Monday 28th November an exhibition was held for 4 days in the House of Commons – Record of a visit by 4 mothers to see the Exhibition 
Text from the Exhibition

Survival Without Roots: Memoir of an Adopted Englishwoman:One: Anderson, Anna: 9781739888305: Books

Being both an ‘imperfect fit’ adoptee and a birth mother has devastated my entire life. 
So much so, that after 60 years of burying the pain deep inside, I had to unleash my emotions and let them flow onto the page

Writing the first book in my memoir trilogy; Survival Without Roots (Memoir of an Adopted Englishwoman), has finally kick-started my healing process and I am humbled that after publication in March 2022, over 200 adoptees/birth mothers have contacted me to say how reading Book One has helped them see that we are all in this together. And we are! 

Let’s carry on fighting, for some of us may have forgiven … but we will never forget!”