Report on the MAA parliamentary meeting on July 3, 2012

Around 50 people were present for the powerful and emotional MAA parliamentary meeting on Tuesday 3rd July, chaired by John Leech MP and facilitated by Phil Frampton.

Speeches were made by the four founding members of MAA. This was followed by contributions from the floor, many people giving their experiences of either losing a child, or being adopted.

The meeting also attracted people who had not been adopted but whose mothers had been compelled to give them up, for one reason or another, and moving speeches were also made by them. In addition there were several contributions from interested and involved professionals.

It was unfortunate that the venue for the meeting had to be changed at the last minute, and we would like to apologise to those who did not get this information in time, and therefore missed at least some of the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, addresses and e-mails were exchanged, lots of people got talking together, and some of us ended up at the local pub to carry on discussions.

We had John Leech’s assurance that he will call another meeting about these issues in a few months’ time, and we went away with his encouragement to keep up the pressure of the campaign by contacting every MP in the country until none of them can claim to be unaware of the wrongs that so many of us suffered.